"Internationally acclaimed artist Emma Tooth has taken the contemporary art world by storm ... [and] approaches her work with utmost intensity and commitment. Using the historically loaded medium of oil on canvas, Emma creates Fine Art portraits with a sense of escapism, often representational of a single figure in a solitary moment.


The artist has taken on the challenge of producing works in the manner of some of the great names in European Art history. She replaces images of religious or mythological figures, with iconic contemporary imagery and social characters, sourcing inspiration from real people in modern culture. These works have a moody pseudo-religious intensity...


The artist is very imaginative and playful with setting, character and costume design within her work, creating a unique contemporary slant on Caravaggio-inspired portraiture.


The extraordinary aura of Emma Tooth and her work which fascinates audiences and critics alike regularly gains media attention, appearing in films, books, radio and magazines. She has shown extensively across the UK and in the USA."

- Movida-dubai.com



Breaking Art IV (Ecce Homo)

PROJECT: Breaking Art

an unlikely union between classical fine art and breakdance


oil on canvas


90 x 122 cm