A rather special commission to create a new painting for the Ingestre Collection - a collection of paintings spanning 4 centuries which were amassed by the Talbot family and which are still housed at Ingestre Hall.


Today the Jacobean manor house is used as a residential arts centre for generations of Staffordshire's young people, The new painting was created with the aim of making the collection more relevant and accessible to younger people who may not see themselves reflected in the rest of the paintings of historic aristocracy, such as the breathtaking Alathea Talbot in her jewels and laces. The artist hopes this new work will 'provide a way in to the other paintings,' for modern viewers.


Following its inaugural exhibition in Wednesbury Museum, Tooth's work has come home and now hangs in the Great Hall among the 17th Century jewels of the collection.


The creation of 'New Friends for Alathea' was the subject of a short documentary film following the creation of the first new addition to the Ingestre Collection in almost 80 years.

New Friends For Alathea

CATEGORY: Personal & Commissions

oil on canvas


107 x 74.5 cm

commissioned for the

Ingestre  Collection