Portrait of a New Woman 2.1

CATEGORY: Personal & Commissions

"EVOLUTION is aptly titled because it brings together some of Emma Tooth’s best known paintings of recent years, including a number from her acclaimed Concilium Plebis collection, and places them alongside some very rarely seen pieces, old and new, offering an overview of the development of her work from her earliest experiments with oils in the mid-Nineties right up to now.


This is an unusual and arguably brave decision by a professional artist to open up her archives and place less mature pieces alongside more recent, perhaps technically more advanced works, but as a result the exhibition showcases not only the paintings in themselves, but presents a sense of a progression or journey.


Today Emma Tooth is best known for Concilium Plebis; (Latin for The Council of The Ordinary) a collection of extraordinary portraits of ordinary people. Kickstarted in 2008 with Arts Council funding, her depictions of "chavs" and "hoodies" in the style of Caravaggio and the Old Masters gained her international attention.


Among the portraits included in the show are several fine paintings of the artist herself, which chart an evolution of their own. Emma Tooth has been described as a ‘living work of art’ herself, and her experiments with her own image are often as striking as her paintings..."


- My Planet Liverpool magazine

Oil on canvas


89.3 x 138 cm

collection of the artist


A later version of the original self-portrait which appeared at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in 2001.