As part of their Joseph Wright Festival and his 275th birthday celebrations and as part of the "Cultural Olympiad" in 2012, Derby Museum and Art Gallery commissioned a new artwork to be unveiled alongside their newly-refurbished Joseph Wright gallery.


Following her dual exhibition with Joseph Wright in 2010, the Museum were very keen to add a piece of Tooth's work to their collection. They requested something along the lines of her Concilium Plebis work, but responding specifically to the Museum's world-class Wright collection. Tooth's piece references Wright's painting also entitled The Captive, but this modern reworking shows a young man full of potential going to waste infront of his TV screen, lit and held captive by the bland banality projected into his home.


"Tooth has here painted a bleak portrait of the state of torpor of the contemporary human trapped inside the recoding of Plato’s cave as an electronic Aladdin’s cavern of endless visual stimulation that leads only to numbness, paralysis and inactivity."


 -John David Ebert


The Captive (Don't Count The days - Make the Days Count)

CATEGORY: Personal & Commissions

oil on canvas panel


91.5 x 122 cm

commissioned by

Derby Museum & Art Gallery